CarrierCode FDXG causes an error


Using the CarrierCode FDXG causes an error in the parseResponseMessage method. Selecting the DeliveryDate node causes the error because there is no DeliveryDate in the xml response.
I just replaced this line:
DateTime deliveryDate = this.getDeliveryDateTime(rateName, DateTime.Parse(nodeEntry.SelectSingleNode("DeliveryDate").InnerText));
with this:
            DateTime deliveryDate = DateTime.MinValue;
            XmlNode deliveryNode = nodeEntry.SelectSingleNode("DeliveryDate");
            if ( deliveryNode != null )
                deliveryDate = this.getDeliveryDateTime(rateName, DateTime.Parse(deliveryNode.InnerText));
Closed Jun 26, 2007 at 6:27 AM by rlaneve
FedEx Ground/HomeDelivery support is fixed, though you cannot mix these two services in the same provider instance as any "express" service (FedEx restriction).